My research falls in the field of Human-Computer Interaction and i am interested in the following sub-areas of HCI:

  • Mobile HCI

  • Voice User Interfaces

  • HCI for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Usability Evaluation Models

  • Cross-Device User Experience

  • HCI for the Arab

  • Cross-Cultural User Studies

  • Information and Interactive Visualization

  • HCI for Smart Government

  • UX and Digital Transformation

  • Human Factors of Cybersecurity

  • Applying Design Methods for Innovating in Government Sector

I am always happy to collaborate on HCI research projects. Above you can find the broad research project/topics/problems I am currently interested and working on, but this is by not means an exhaustive list. Please do not hesitate contacting me for any type/level of collaboration in HCI research areas.